A poem

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

I sit in the silence of the moonless night
Waiting for inspiration to strike
To come forth like a powerful fountain
Of life-saving words to my parched brain
When a well of endless ink from the mind overflowed
The writing spreading like black, liquid gold
As the immaculate parchment finally birthed stories
And I pray that my craft becomes more honed
And my feather pen becomes sharper than a sword
May the words be like a tireless armor of ideas
Giving strength to the bruised, stained fingers
May they be the soul’s blooming flowers
As soothing as the rain in the scorching desert
And warm like the fire in the glacial…

Welcoming death

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

The rattling was hoarse. It had been like that all night. It seemed that it would go on forever. She wondered how much longer she would be able to bear it.

The sound was grating, pinching her nerves. She felt like she was going to snap at any moment.

The pale light of dawn peeked through the window and bathed the room in a halo. It seemed ethereal.

Except for the sound. It was all too real.

Sometimes long and drawn out, sometimes short. Spasmodic. Almost as if on the point of giving out. But not quite. Not there yet.


Narratives that show life’s beauty

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Storytelling is a means to understand life
To give meaning to its absurdity
And make sense of our reality
To share someone’s strife
Connecting through words on pages
Traveling through time and space
Narratives that show life’s beauty
And share with us their tragedy
Allowing us to see into the authors’ souls
So we can draw strength from their vulnerability
And dare to dream to escape from reality
So we can build our own fantasy
For we all write our own story
As we go through life’s hurdles
And brave them courageously
Believing we are the heroes
When we are only the side characters
In other peoples’ journey
As they go on telling their own tales of adventures
Chronicles of epic quests and passionate love sagas
While we keep wondering about the purpose
Of our own autobiography

Thank you for reading!

Bahora Saitova


Watch the path appear

Photo by Sam Kolder from Pexels

I want to be like the old monuments
That withstood time and wars
That witnessed history in the making
That had to observe the atrocities
And the horrors of humanity
But stood strong and resilient
While I feel so small and insignificant
Wondering where my childhood went
Gone and wasted, the foundation shaky
While I was rushing to grow up
To live my monumental life
Of wild dreams made of fantasy
Not valuing the warmth of childhood
The wonders and the blessings of youth
Now yearning to go back to that safety
My soul plagued by fears
My mind wrecked by anxiety
Doubts eat away at my spirit
Feeling submerged
Trying to break through
I fail to see…


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Our lives are stories
Chapters and pages
One for each event
Turning and ticking away
The days never to be turned back
Recorded in the book of our life
Starting with our birth
Ending with our death
All separated by time
All connected through time
All we need to decide
Is what story we’ll write
What actions will take place
How will the main character be?
Who will the antagonist be?
Will there even be one?
Or will it be the same person all in one?
What is the goal?
What is the message, the purpose? …

A poem

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

The walls shall crumble
They shall go down
Tumbling and smashing to the ground
In a heap of rubble
Those high, unbreakable walls
Cloistering and suffocating in their midst
Making the world seem so small
The colors dim in the mist
Those barriers of your mind
No longer a protection
An enclave impossible to find
A constant cycle of inaction

No path has been forged
No desires nor traces of urge
To chase down the dreams
Follow them down the stream
Like a child looking at Nature with delight
Like a passionate lover at night
Harsh, unforgiving bricks of fears and doubts
Hard walls erected during a whole life
Coming undone as one finally breathes its last
Filling the air with regret and sorrow
At the existence that was wasted in vain
The unlived dreams becoming grey ashes

Thank you for reading!

Bahora Saitova

Poetry Contest: Summer Songs

Photo by @joagbriel from Pexels

The dazzling sunset sets the sky ablaze
Seeming to bow in reverence to the summer
Painting a canvas of colors melting into each other
The hues rivaling in beauty, leaving in a daze
Anyone who chances upon this breathtaking sight
As the day greets the night
And the Sun gazes at the Moon ardently
Like two lovers never meant to be together
The skies set afire by their intense desire
As they are forced yet again to bid adieu yearningly.

I sit on the porch swing, my feet dangling
Beside me forgotten is the book and its story
Mesmerized as I…

A poem

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

So far, I learned four lessons in life
Time is an ally when we use it wisely
When we’re industrious and productive
But it becomes our worst enemy
When we’re indolent and laze around
Letting the days bleed out
Until one day, our life is gone
And our dreams are buried with us underground

I learned that we will do anything
For our appearance and status
But think little of our character
We prefer to keep our physical sight
But be blind to the realities of life
As long as we can conform
We won’t look into our soul
And question what is lacking…


Why do we stay stagnant instead of growing

Photo by Harsh Gupta on Unsplash

Responsibility and duty are words so heavy
For they carry the weight of obligations
So we can take accountability
For our intentions and our actions
So we can grow stronger
So we can become better
And value what we were given
Parents’ constant sacrifices for their children
Children’s gratitude for their parents’ support
Spouses’ unconditional love and loyalty
Friends’ presence and solidarity
Citizens’ duty to their society
Dreamers’ commitment to their aspirations
Humans’ moral duty to Nature
So why do we run away from dedication
Why do we see challenges as a burden
Instead of lessons that fortify the mind
And strength acquired…

Bahora Saitova

Writer. Finds the hidden beauty of life through words.

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